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  1. What a wonderful platform for honourable teachers !!..The blog provides better information who wants to update himself according to time.I thik the most significant thing of blog is its updats.It is also useful the person who has interest in educational activities of Rajasthan.

  2. sir,
    nice efffort for edu field…. plz try to put up all notices/news regarding new school affiliation also. One who wants to know about the date/rules and regulations and all RTE news also sir….
    thank you
    good luck

  3. Well done Ola ji.
    I am Proud of you.
    Now I can say proudly that this being done in my block.
    I can give an Example as your Great Efforts.
    My Best Wishes for your Melodious Efforts.
    I can say that my Block is advance in Info-Technology.
    I appreciate your Effort by Heart


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  5. sir is main claas 5 tak hi kyu hain next class kyu nahi hain

  6. इस प्लेट फार्म का कलर सञ्योजन बदलें
    पढने में परेशानी है

  7. bheem singh meena

    Sir. Seniority list third grade social study upload on this webside

  8. It may work better if it is opened time to time for corrections on the request of principal.you may ask informations by confirmation message.Actually somes it becomes a mean of inconvenience.It should be made flexible

  9. Sir please tell me one thing that we are having 3 teachers in 2nd leval and 5 teachers in leval 1 (ups school 8 teachers but not headmaster) is it right to force a science- math teacher to teach a primary class as he is taking science n maths of 6 to 8 class

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